My first post on how to invest in Malaysia.

Welcome to my first post on how to invest in Malaysia.

I will be writing about my long and eventful journey of going from a very confused and misinformed investor who often lost a lot of money to a much more successful financial markets trader and business investor who is making money from investments in Malaysia.

I now know how to trade frequently to earn profits which are quite consistent. I also know how to manage my risks to keep losses small while reaping some big gains. I understand how to evaluate new and exciting business and investment opportunities. I carefully work out the risk-reward ratios before participating to make more money in the longer-term.

Investing must not be treated like gambling.  A lot of money can be lost very quickly if people just simply invest without really knowing the risks, what they are buying and what the potential returns are.  This reminds me of the lyrics in the famous song “The Gambler” by .Kenny Rogers.  You can watch the videos here. Remember these lyrics when you are making investments and know when to hold to make money and when to walk away or run to avoid losing lots of money or even losing all your capital which was invested.

I want to share my knowledge on how to invest in Malaysia. I also want to share my very own investing experiences with people and hopefully also learn from their experiences.

There are many ways to make money from investments in Malaysia. I will very briefly mention some of them, Saving money in banks and fixed deposits are still being used by many conservative investors although the returns are so low now. Property investments are very popular and have made a lot of money for many people in the last few years. Investments in both online and offline businesses have also been profitable for many people. There are many MLM investments available. Direct investments in commodities like metals, and palm oil are also available. Then there are more risky ones called interest schemes which involve investing in growth plots or a ownership share of farming projects. There are also many financial investment instruments available for trading in the unit trusts, shares, bonds, derivatives, Forex and commodities markets, Other more sophisticated investments are the structured investment products based on shares, bonds, commodities or currencies like DCIs.

I have been involved in some of the above investments and have made quite good returns from my investments in Malaysia. . I can let you know some ways of how to invest in Malaysia. I can tell you that it has not been easy to make money from the investments. A lot of time and effort had to be spent to obtain the results I wanted. However, when the sacrifices brought in the rewards, it was all worth it.

In order to make money from has to be brave and willing to take calculated risks to try new things and not miss out on great opportunities which may never be seen again . At the same time, one must be careful to avoid falling into traps and getting cheated by the scams. There is also a need to have good plans and systems. One must also be disciplined to stick to the plans when they work and yet be able to change them when they have failed to produce the desired results. It is very important to decide quickly and take fast action to avoid big losses and to capture big gains. Patience is also an important virtue as the profits take time to build up. To succeed in making money from investments. one must also not give up when faced with obstacles and must be very committed to keep on working  towards achieving the desired goals.

Many people do not know how to invest in Malaysia and do not have much investing or business experience. However, if they possess the above mentioned attributes and positive attitudes or are willing to work to own them, they can still become successful in making money from investments in Malaysia  and running their own businesses.

I am not a professional financial adviser or coach. I have learned a lot from many people and also from my mistakes. I can share my many years of personal investment experiences with those of you who are interested to read about them here. I am always looking for new investment and business opportunities. You are welcome to write in with your comments and your ideas on how to make money from investments in Malaysia.

I am learning new things everyday and always want to continue to share and learn from other people because I strongly believe in lifelong learning. It is quite easy to learn new things quickly nowadays, using the internet. I have some friends who do not know how to use the computer and internet. I have offered to teach them but they did not want to learn because they think it will be too difficult and will take up too much of their time to learn. I really feel sad for them because they are missing out so much. You can contact me if any of you want to learn how to use the computer and internet, so that you will not be left behind in this very fast changing world, where knowledge can greatly improve lives. Let me know if you need help in quickly setting up a blog or website and getting it seen online.

There are not many attractive investments in Malaysia now. Property prices have gone up a lot and there is not much room for big gains while the risks have increased. I am also staying away from the very risky interest schemes. I do not trade directly in forex markets, which are very volatile. I use other methods and strategies in invest in currencies. So what is stiil left to invest in ? I am always looking for new business opportunities and will evaluate them so that I do not miss any good ones. However,  the most attractive and profitable investment now is trading and investing in shares and index futures. I have tried many fundamental and technical analyses systems and have used a combination of them to form my owm trading system which has helped me to trade and invest with quite good results.

I will talk more about shares trading and investments in Malaysia in my next post.

I would like to have feedback’s on this post of how to invest in Malaysia and also comments on your shares trading like what indices and counters you are interested in now, and also what you think of their trends and the outlooks, so that we can compare the results of our analyses and learn from each other.  Just fill in the comments box with your comments and thoughts. You can also list some counters for me to check on their trends.





  1. Good say. You have the same mind set as me. I just started to learn about share and hope you willing to teach me because I am keen in learning stock I hope you can post some fundamental guidance about stock investment and most importantly how you do it ( method and information ) . Thanks

  2. To make money in share market is not easy. If you are not alert and careful, you can win small amounts but lose big.While knowing the fundamentals of the counters is helpful, it is much more important to know the technical picture. Or you will end up losing money when you buy just when prices are about to peak or when the prices are starting to fall sharply or you could get your money stuck for a long time in long side-ways trends. Or you could also sell too soon only to see prices shoot up after you have sold.

    If you let me know what counters you are interested in, I will check the trends and give you some ideas.

  3. Ya, you are right, when I start to earn few hundred during the bull market ,I become greedy and want more. That y now I am losing back the money I have earned. I am buying mahsing at 3.23 and mkland 0.37

  4. Hi I’m new to share trading. Just wondering what’s your comment on penny stocks like ASIAPAC , SYCAL ?

  5. Hi good blog there, I am new in this and interested with the upcoming airasia x ipo and also local REITS such as igb, arreit, hektar,atrium and sunway. What do you think? others interesting shares will be axiata, nestle, maxis, airasia.

  6. Cal, These two stocks are correcting after recent run-up. Better wait for selling to stop. If you buy now, you face high risk of prices coming down further and also running out of bullets.

  7. David, wow so many stocks ! I have just checked Axiata. Same comment as for Cal’s two stocks.

  8. Cal, This thing has shot up like a rocket. Any story or news why ?
    Don’t know the next move but be careful if you want to chase the prices or they may just come crashing down after you have bought.

    I do not chase stocks which have shot up. I look for those which are just rebounding or starting uptrend and try to ride the trend up to get big gains.

  9. I think there is some news saying the MD of the company bought a chunk of it’s share at 0.55. So that could be the reason why it shoot up.

  10. Cal, Looks like Sycal is correcting downwards. I just observed that
    Mas may be a buy if it can break 32 sen with volume but 30 sen support
    must hold. Will see what happens next. Will try to post updates of Mas
    here. Just my observations. Not buy or sell recommendations.

  11. I have been monitoring Mas daily closing price charts and finding the likely short-term daily resistance(R)and support(S) price levels. Based on yesterday’s closing R and S, Mas is still struggling within a very narrow range of 31.5c to 30.5c. It is not going anywhere on Monday unless it can break out decisively from this range.

    I am now more interested in Glomac and will start a new page to
    track it.

  12. Since my last comment on 19th June, Mas has not been able to break out of the daily R and S price levels, although the levels
    have shifted slightly over a few days. This is why I am no longer
    interested in it unless it can break out.

  13. If you want to follow my first case study on Glomac,
    go to the top of this page and click on the drop
    down menu under Home.

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