New service available soon on How To Invest In Malaysia blog

A new service is being planned to be launched soon on this How To Invest In Malaysia blog to provide up to date KLSE shares and FKLI futures last traded prices, highs, lows and volume information. This service is aimed to help those traders and investors who are too busy with other things or who have no ready access all the time to all the live shares and futures last traded data and information.

The last traded shares and futures prices and volumes information will be sent directly to your phone via sms service, supported by the three major telcos Celcom, DiGI and Maxis. The share market and futures information will be slightly delayed by about 5 minutes because the information has to be collected from live trading screens and then entered into a special system in order for the information to be sent out to your phones. Any type of mobile phones, including old, simple phones, can be used for this service as long as they can be used for sms. There is no need to have the latest smart phones to use this service to be launched soon.

The new planned service is very easy to use. You will be informed how to send a short text message to a certain number via sms. The desired information will be sent to your phone after about 5 minutes. Only RM0.50 will be deducted from your phone credits each time you request for the information.

This service is not for everyone because many of you can have easy access to live trading and can view the prices all the time. This planned service is designed for people who cannot see the live trading prices and volumes at certain times of day but would like to keep track of the trading the share and futures market and monitor shares and futures prices..

We would like to have feedback from those interested so that we can have a good idea of the demand for this type of  service to help us properly plan before launching this service on this How To Invest In Malaysia website. We welcome any special requests for other investment information like Top gainers, Most active counters, Top losers or likely resistance and support levels etc or commodity FCPO futures, gold futures and spot prices or even forex spot prices for USD, AUD, NZD and other major currencies etc.  All comments and suggestions can be sent to for more detailed discussions on this investment information service so that we can plan well and structure the service to help as many people as possible to have easy access to last traded information and enable them to have more opportunities to make money in the share market, futures and other financial markets markets.