Thank you for visiting my blog on how to invest in Malaysia

I would like to thank all the people who have visited my blog on how to invest in Malaysia. I have received many interesting comments and also many requests for some brief technical analysis (TA) of their shares. I have tried to reply  to as many requests as I can, but have not been able to answer all the queries because there were too many requests and a lot of time was needed to do all the TA and provide all the information.

I hope you have found that the brief comments I have provided have helped you at least to see the likely short-term trends and outlooks for your stocks and given you some ideas of whether to buy, sell or hold your shares at different times. I will be happy if my brief comments have helped you to make some money or helped you avoid large losses or helped you in your add, reduce or hold decisions in the unpredictable and often very volatile share market.

For those who are interested to obtain these brief TA comments for their stocks on any day, I would like to inform that they can now receive this information on their mobile phones.

I have found a service which is available in Malaysia and which can provide this information so that more people can easily get this investment information.

For a start and for a very limited time, this service is available for any share counter. Later, it will be limited to only the 30 component stocks of the FMBKLCI and an additional popular stocks list of 5 additional stocks, based on the popular stocks requests that have been received in this blog. The full list of the stocks is shown in the Stocks Lists page, which can be found in the drop-down menu under Home. More stocks can be added to the popular stocks list if they are frequently asked for in this blog.

This service works with all types of mobile phones and you do not need to have a smart phone to use this service. This service is approved and supported by the  three major telcos, Celcom, Digi and Maxis but not by the other newer telcos.

There is a small RM0.50 charge for each share counter request. This amount will  be deducted from your phone credits when you receive instant confirmation of the receipt of your request.

To use this service, just type the following message with the short-codes, just by using your  hand phone.

EZINFO SH name counter.

Then send it to 32828.

Eg EZINFO SH Tom Glomac

You will then see the receipt confirmation message on your phone.

The TA info will be sent to your phone latest by 8 am, before the market opens
for the next trading day.

Eg 07/08 C 1.20  R 1.21 S 1.26

Stay aside. No buy signal.

For all trades, you must set your own upper buy limits and the  stop-loss (SL) levels. All the above comments are just observations. Not buy or sell recommendations

The above means that based on the last trading day’s closing price of C, the likely short-term resistance and support levels are R and S respectively, which gives some indication that prices are likely to go higher if R is broken or go lower if S breaks down, especially with increase in volume. There are no predictions of how the prices will move. The R and S levels can change for the next trading day or it may also take a few days for the levels to shift, depending mainly on the price movements of the previous days and also on how the price moves during the next trading day.

You can now try this new service to help you with your shares investment and trading decisions to manage your risks and increase the probabilities of making money.

Your feedback and comments will be appreciated.

If anyone is interested in getting their own short-codes, you can contact me for more details and I can put you in tuuch with the relevant parties.

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