Here you can watch some interesting videos on this How To Invest In Malaysia blog. These videos were not any ones picked at random. They were specially selected because they relate very well to the topics of investments. I have chosen these different versions of a particular video because they serve to emphasize some of the very important aspects of investments, which we must always bear in mind if we are to survive the very tough and volatile investment conditions and make money.after investing our hard-earned money. These videos often remind me of the great importance of not losing my capital and also the steps to take to avoid heavy losses and to try to hold on to good gains to maximize the returns on my investments.

When I am considering to enter into new investments and thinking of how to invest in Malaysia to make money, I often remember the very interesting and meaningful lyrics from the famous old song “The Gambler” by the popular country and western singer, Kenny Rogers.¬† The song and the lyrics remind me of the great importance¬† of knowing when to hold, when to walk away and when to run.¬† The secret to surviving is knowing what to throw away and knowing what to keep.

These are great lyrics which always remind me to be careful in making investment decisions and to know when to hold on to them to make money and when to get out to avoid losing a lot of money or even all the capital which was put into the investment. Great tips for survival . If the capital is not lost there is a chance to fight again another day and make back what was lost and more.

Here are some videos of that song. I hope you will enjoy watching them and learning from them.


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